Where to begin?

Brynn and I met through a mutual photography page, where I inquired availability in second shooting weddings. To my surprise, I heard from Brynn, which gave me so much hope in finally dipping my toes in the photography world. I was optimistic that learning from those who are fairly seasoned in this industry would help me grow and understand the world of 'weddings.'

Little did I know that Brynn and I had so much more in common. One of the most amazing things about getting to know each other is that we BOTH got married on June 18th, 2016. We literally have the exact same wedding date and year, basically to the same hour lol. We also had our first child right around the same time (now of course, with her expecting her second on the way), but we got to share experiences of how our children are. It's so amazing how much we've connected, and I love that I am able to have friendships like these that look past just the business side of things.

Please take a moment to enjoy Brynn's maternity session at JB Studio & Co. Her outfit choice made it so simple to photograph, keeping her session, clean, fun and dandy.