A Whimsical Autumn Outdoor Wedding

When Kristen and Walter first reached out to me for a consultation, I was so ecstatic to hear about how they met to wedding planning. They were on crunch time, but the fact that I had a Sunday opening felt like it was 'meant to be.' During our video consultation, and as a WFH mom, I was so nervous about my son running around chasing his fur brothers. It was quite a chaos, but it didn't seem to bother the two (moms, you know the struggle??). After we spoke, I was almost sure they didn't hear me at all from the noise my son was causing, and felt a bit defeated. To my surprise though, I got an email back saying they wanted me to be their photographer. What?!

Come to, and wedding day was PERFECT. It wasn't too hot, it wasn't too cold, and everyone absolutely dressed and looked their best. The most fun part of the day was watching the dance floor light up. I'm talking about choreographed dances from first couple's dance, father/daughter dance and even mother/son dance. It was so spectacular; and I could not forget that basically 99% of the guests danced too! What a night to remember these two joining together in marriage. It could not have been a better day to celebrate Kristen and Walter. Congratulations, you two!