14 Months

14 months ago, I gave birth to a healthy 5 lb, 13oz baby boy. As many of my closest friends know, children were something both Joshua and I have thought about, but never pursued. After all, we were chasing our dreams as a happily newly married couple. We did things together, travelled together, and most of all, lived. It was comfortable, and maybe in my mind, that was good enough. Never would we have imagined that we would actually try having a baby. It took some hard. long. thinking before I said yes. Despite all that, 30 was chasing after me, and biologically, it was good timing. Eventually, we got pregnant shortly after both of our Muay Thai competitions and 9 months literally F L E W by. I enjoyed every single day being pregnant despite all the bloating, the swelling and waddling around.

Fast forward to now, CJ has been one of our better decisions. While we expected that life would not be the same, it has definitely flourished our lives. He was such an easy-going baby (and I truly wish this could and would be to all expecting or current mothers!) and he absolutely loves other children. When there are a group of them, he just goes nuts! To see that kind of joy in our child brings absolute pure happiness to my heart. Sure, there are days where he goes bonkers and likes to destroy just about everything in the house, but I remember that materialistic things are replaceable. I would love it if he didn't destroy it, but... I'll live.

Facts about CJ

  • CJ stands for Christopher Jayce. He was named after my brother's son, Jayce, in honoring his death.
  • He loves bananas. It took him a long time to be able to eat anything solid, or better yet...semi-solid.
  • He was potty (or poop) trained at the age of 6 months. He normally makes a funny face, which results in running to the bathroom. 99% of the time is a success! #parentingdoneright
  • He has a bond with our German Shepherd/Malinois, Bear, that is so loveable. The other two minions, not so much.
  • CJ loves sharing his food, if you ask. He is starting to obtain a sweet tooth, thanks to all of his friends who share ice cream, treats and sugary foods to him lol.
  • He breaks out in fever every time a new tooth emerges. He was once sent to the ER after becoming lethargic. It's scary, but he needed a dose of hospital grade children's Motrin.
  • CJ actually stopped growing at 35 weeks in my tummy (we found out at our 38 week appt) so the doc opt for me to get induced the following week. Come that day, and CJ decided to make his debut so induction was unnecessary.
  • He is now sleeping in a toddler bed! No more crib, but we are excited for this transition. Let's see how long before he rolls off the bed?