Light & Airy Photographer
Hi, my name is Bao
Lifestyle storyteller

I'm so glad you're here! I photograph mainly in the Twin Cities (Minnesota) but have traveled far and wide, capturing the essence of people's most special day and even milestones. While the midwest is where I live, California has always been a place I call home.

When I'm not holding my camera around, I love spending time with my husband, toddler and 3 dogs - you'd find us on long walks, hikes around our neighboring cities or even hitting the road driving across the country. Being a boy mom has truly been such a blessing (dogs included!) and I would not change it for the world. Anyone else team #boymom?

California Native

Many, if not, know i'm born and raised in California. I've lived there for over half of my life (and more) but felt a true calling for change. I packed my bags and never looked back. Ever since, I've always managed to visit my family yearly. It has become a tradition; afterall, California is a beautiful place to visit, but Minnesota has truly become home to me. If you ask, YES the coastline is beautiful to drive through. Los Angeles is way too busy, central Cali, my hometown, feels deserted, and northern Cali is dreamy for adventurous folks. I am definitely a true valley girl :)

Coffee lover, not addict

I have a deep sense of responsibility when working a 9-5 and my double-the-trouble side jobs, photog + running a studio (peep, these photos!). When I'm working 50+ hours a week, coffee is my saver. I love it hot, over ice, cold brew, you name it. And if you happen to bring me any during our session together, just know you've made my week! Though I absolutely LOVE having coffee at my fingertips, I really try not to depend on it. Some days, I prefer waking up earlier to get my jog in and nap shortly after, just to wake up and feel way more refreshed. I don't know how that works for me; it just does lol.