Meet your photographer

I'm so glad you've landed on my page! My name is Bao, and it is my utmost privilege to serve you for your photography needs. While I specialize in family photography, I also have a niche for weddings. I can't resist seeing beautiful relationships form and creating everlasting memories for you. If you're looking for classic and clean photos, i'm here! From being married to now having a child, I know how important it is to embrace all the moments. Looking back at photos & reliving them is the best thing you can pass down.

Cherishing the moments, while we can.

Growing up in a multi-generational home, I was always surrounded by so many family members. I was blessed to witness my great grandma thrive and live until she was well over 90. Since then, it became a part of me to always capture and photograph every little thing. It was the moments we never think about, like the conversations we have with one another or embracing a friend whom we've reconnected with. These are the moments I try to give my clients.