Trust me, planning is easier than you think!

A guide to your upcoming mini session.

Trust me, planning is easier than you think!

We love it when color schemes and attire comes together easily. While this is what we hope for, sometimes it's never the case. Luckily, at JB Studio & Co, we will be surrounded with white walls, modern furniture and a touch of family feel to keep your photos as consistent as possible.

Are mini sessions for you?

A mini session, for starters, is like any other photoshoot, but limited in time. These sessions are designed to be quick, efficient and getting updated headshots, couples or family portraits. Most times, we'd focus on a milestone, or when you just need a few new profile photos to show off.

If you're wanting to focus on perfecting a family photo, or needing more time gathering your family members in place, consider booking a regular session instead! Minis are unique, focusing on moments, allowing you and your family or spouse to be playful, getting raw emotions captured.

Still indecisive about wardrobe?

To give a little background about Bao Yang Photos, my editing style tends to lean toward light, airy, and natural/true to color. You will find that I do not alter, photoshop or do excessive editing. But how do my photos stay clean?

I try to begin with a clean slate. If you've ever stepped foot into my studio (JB Studio & Co), you'll find that it is merely empty with little furniture and a neutral color palette. However, being plain-jane actually provides so much advantage because it allows us to focus on the main subjects of the photoshoot: you and your family. I will always say, dress in something you'd be comfortable in your own skin. We tailor your session and experience according to your family needs!

By having neutral palettes and colors in the studio, it'll ensure that nothing else is too distracting or taking away from your session. To achieve these light, airy and true to color images, I highly recommend the following color palettes (and yes you can mix and match colors and textiles):

Come prepared!

One thing I cannot stress enough of is coming to your session prepared. Here are some helpful tips that has always been a success, and you'll leave more satisfied after your photo op:

  1. If your clothes wrinkle easily, consider ironing or having it steamed before wearing it to your session. Wrinkles may easily show in photos, so we want to avoid this mishap.
  2. Ladies, if you are wearing shirts, tanks or dresses that show your straps, try wearing a strapless bra to reduce any straps falling off your shoulders. Not only will this be more pleasing overall, it will help keep you looking sharp.
  3. Remember to take any keys, wallets and phones out of your pockets. No one wants a bulky leg or behind in their photos :)
  4. If you have any hair ties, please remove them from your arm before your session.
  5. Have a matching wardrobe. This doesn't mean everyone has to wear the same color or pattern; however, mix matching textiles in similar or different shades will help balance the overall look for your family portraits. Remember, this is your session that you'd frame on your wall, you just want to look your absolute best! **Avoid wearing shirts that may have large logos or prints on it.
  6. Lastly, understand that in the nature of your settings! While we would love to have a perfect backdrop or background, this might just the true nature of what it is. Whether there are trees in the back, or a building - this what makes it unique about the portraits. I understand in a perfect world, we would all have the ideal body we've always imagined, or the perfect flawless skin. Just know every person whom I come across is beautiful just the way they are, and there isn't a thing I would change about you. Let's enjoy our session together!