Trust me, I know how much you want to hold on to every second

They grow really, REALLY fast.

Trust me, I know how much you want to hold on to every second

Motherhood can be both a beautiful and scary life adjustment. One day, you're carefree, living life on the edge and the next, you're responsible for a little person with 10 fingers and 10 toes. Time will fly by and before you know it, they're too big for your lap. Mama + Me sessions are designed for mums to enjoy the itty bitty time they have to be with their kiddos! These moments can be treasured forever, and you'll never regret spending time with the one who made you "mom."

Steps to Success


Preparing for your session

The most difficult part of the session is preparing to make it to the photo location! We never know how kids will feel. Their emotions can be all over the place, or they can be on their best behavior (says no mom, most of the time). Here are some successes I've found that truly helps with preparation:

  1. Make sure your child is well napped, or has had a good night's sleep. It's not always possible, especially if they are going through a growth spurt, and would vary widely between your photo session time but even a quick power nap on the car ride to your session will make a difference.
  2. Snacks. If they love snacks, make sure you bring it! There's no better way than to keep them moving and going. You could even incorporate 'sharing' into your session. Let's get cute photos of babe handing or feeding you.
  3. Bring their favorite toy. All babies have some sort of attachment, whether it's their 'beebee' (or so my son calls his blanket) or teddy bear. Remember, our goals isn't always looking at the camera. We want you to engage with each other to get those sweet intimate shots. Don't forget their favorite drink or sippy cup as well!
  4. Lastly, time your drive to the studio or photo location. Because timing is so crucial, I want you to get every single minute spent wisely. That means checking your maps and adding additional time just in case you hit traffic, or you've forgotten babe's favorite blankey and have to turn around. Due to sessions being back to back with no additional buffer time, plan accordingly to get the most of your session.


During your photoshoot

Like I've mentioned in Step One, it is so important to engage with your child (or children). Sometimes, children don't want to look and smile at the camera - it might even be boring to them.

Instead, try focusing on 'moments' that you'll be able to look back on. Not only does it tell a story, you can most certainly relive that emotion over and over again. Some favorite prompts I love adding to sessions:

  • Bouncing baby up in the air
  • Playing tickle war!
  • Doing eskimo kisses all over the face and body
  • Holding babe's hands. It's something about capturing the essence of mom and kiddo bond that is sooooo special. Let's make sure to capture these little details while we can.
  • Peek a boo is always a favorite for the kiddos, or even simply letting them run around while you chase them.

Remember, the camera is always clicking. We forget that we make a ton of faces when we are engaged in activity with our children, so every once in a while, don't forget to 'lean into' your child instead of leaning back, or raising your head instead of tilting downward (oh, those special double chins, lol).

Most of all, sessions are fun and extremely interactive. My goal is to provide you ideas to make sure we capture all of your kiddo's personality, all the while, also getting special moments of bonding with mama and babe.


Post photoshoot

Once the session is complete, we will say our farewells, but it doesn't mean it's over!

Sessions normally takes 2-3 weeks for final gallery delivery. Mama + Me sessions are so important to me, and like every mom, we want to hold onto our little ones until we no longer can - that means you'll be getting a flood of beautiful photos!

All mamas and participants will receive a final delivered gallery via email. These are ALL the best images I've taken during your session and feel are ones you might enjoy as well. Do not fret, your galleries are private, and you'll receive a personalized link to view and download your images. I always tell my clients the following

  • Always download the FULL gallery to your hard drive, computer, or cell phone for safe keeping. This is to ensure that you will have access to your gallery offline at any given time. Like many photographers, I'll free up storage space by deleting old galleries. This is to also prepare for future photoshoots. It is important to save this as soon as possible!
  • Print your images. I cannot stress this enough. While we may be able to hold onto digital files for much longer, prints hold just as much sentimental value. It's displaying your story in the walls of your home. You create beautiful memories - you should also share it with everyone! Your gallery will include an online store for you to get the best images printed in the highest quality possible. Never regret your investment!

Still indecisive about wardrobe?

To give a little background about Bao Yang Photos, my editing style tends to lean toward light, airy, and natural/true to color. You will find that I do not alter, photoshop or do excessive editing. But how do my photos stay clean?

I try to begin with a clean slate. If you've ever stepped foot into my studio (JB Studio & Co), you'll find that it is merely empty with little furniture and a neutral color palette. However, being plain-jane actually provides so much advantage because it allows us to focus on the main subjects of the photoshoot: you and your family. I will always say, dress in something you'd be comfortable in your own skin. We tailor your session and experience according to your family needs!

By having neutral palettes and colors in the studio, it'll ensure that nothing else is too distracting or taking away from your session. To achieve these light, airy and true to color images, I highly recommend the following color palettes (and yes you can mix and match colors and textiles):

Rachel + Miles Motherhood Photoshoot

Finally, you can see a snippet of Rachel and Miles' photoshoot at JB Studio & Co. Rachel is a dear photographer, colleague and friend in the wedding industry. I first met Rachel when she was itty bitty pregnant with Miles. We shared and exchanged stories about how our pregnancies went, the changes we experienced and so much more. Motherhood has not only brought us together, but to be able to grow in all aspects of our relationship.

Below, you can find a cute, yet timeless and simple casual wear Rachel chose for her and Miles' photoshoot. It is such a privilege to finally capture Rachel's photos (you don't understand the feeling of being photographed vs photographing). Her choice in attire was a simple white button down long sleeve, pulled up to the elbows paired with denim pants. Miles, on the other hand, matched his mama with a denim top paired with cargo pants. It was even more special because though he's so itty bitty still, you can see his diaper hanging out; big boy personality in a small body! We love that this session didn't include wearing shoes, making it even more candid, carefree and subtle. You could not go wrong with pairing these color schemes together.