Happy 2024!

This session is another special one in the books. It may seem ordinary, but 1) it's my first 2024 session for the year and 2) these are my 2024 wedding clients. Justine and Joel are two kind souls whose love radiates through embrace and warmth. When we first contacted each other (totally through Instagram, and that's OK!), it was casual and fun. I felt like we had an instant connection, and tailoring to what my clients desire is something I strive for. After all, it's their wedding day, and they have all the say in the world.

Today, we connected in person, and it felt so casual and relaxed. Our session was a quick one, but you couldn't even tell because it was moment photographed one after another. Sometimes, you just meet people, and you're like "yes, it feels so natural, and this is IT." I'm so glad to have met these two. Their wedding day is going to be just as fun, and I seriously cannot wait to celebrate Justine and Joel later this year!