As a mom of a now 3 year old (on April 1st), I loved and still love capturing photos of my son, especially milestones. It was difficult at the time though because we were at the beginning stages of a pandemic, so there were no visitors, no help from family members, and no one to capture baby photos. Being a photographer, I preferred to have had someone else take the photos, but it wasn't an option at the time. After much time has passed, I've finally decided to open up newborn lifestyle sessions into my services so families have the opportunity to gain beautiful photos.

These sessions are meant for parents to be in the comfort of their homes. I tell all of my clients that they do not need a big fancy home to make photos beautiful. I am here to capture those little moments that we want to hold onto forever; our babe's little fingers and toes, their button nose, those big round eyes and dinky smiles. We don't think about it, but in a blink of an eye, they grow up. Here are some photos of a recent home session I had the privilege of photographing. When parents don't want to be involved in the newborn session, I don't fret! If able, even just holding your babe's hands or carrying them is sufficient! I can't get over this beautiful gallery because these are the little moments we live for. Enjoy this bundle of cuteness!